Colour and Light on the Pathways ©

Color Light Therapy Trainings Worldwide

Colour and Light on the Pathways©  is offered by the Aura Color Light Academy LLC and will be lead by its co-creator, Shanto L Dorcey and those teachers officially authorized by the Academy. Five extensive color courses in metaphysical energy work developed by Shanto L. Dorcey and Robert Abrahamson, a Doctor of Chinese medicine and presented by Shanto Dorcey worldwide. These trainings utilize colored light-rays, aromatherapy and crystal energies in order to illuminate the acupuncture organ and meridian systems via the electromagnetic fields of the human aura. Light communicating with the cells of the body brings awareness to our potential and gifts. We introduce essential oils and crystal energies to the points and meridians, according to the needs of the client.

Colorpuncture and Acupressure Points

The coloupuncture or acupressure points and meridians on the body are the ancient nadis or pathways of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian Ayurveda, the vibrational chakras, that open us to our inner beauty. We will be exploring Oriental cosmology: Astrology, Inner Feng-shui, Bagua, the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, Aromatherapy, the astral subtle bodies and crystal healing. Practical treatments will be extensively shown on issues such as menopause, grief work, emotional well-being, inner beauty, trust, courage, Inner Matrix, moving through life changes, Shen harmonics and addressing basic constitutional patterns of behavior and need for relaxation. This can be a stand-alone therapy or adjunctive therapy.

Prerequisite for charging fees is to have attended the Level 2.