What is the Aura-Soma

What is the Aura-Soma® Colour – Care system?

It is a non-intrusive self-selective development system in which color is the key. It is for everyone.
It is an ancient knowledge reborn. Aura-Soma reveals our most deeply hidden aspects in a form we can understand, accept and grow with. It provides us with an opportunity to discover the special gifts and talents that lie within.

In Aura-Soma it is often said, “You are the colours you choose.” These colours reflect the needs we have within ourselves. Our colour choice helps us to recognize the needs providing a communication between the self and the soul.

The Living Energies within the equilibrium bottles, pomanders, quintessences and the color essences are the heart of Aura-Soma. The vials which contain the oils of the Equilibrium bottles are used in the Beamer Light Pen on areas sensitive to light and energies Eg. acupuncture points and charkas for 
well being and balance.

Aura-Soma’s capacity to gently guide and rewards us with a richly deep understanding and experience of ourselves and the future we are co-creating is profound.

Aura-Soma was founded in 1983 by Vicky Wall, a retired podatrist and apothacarist living in England. At the time Vicky was blind.
Mike Booth is now the international director of ASIACT, England and was trained by Vicky wall before her death to continue Vicky’s vision of spreading these tools for the development of consciousness and well-being.

Aura-Soma now is found in over 50 countries around the world to help people find a sense of well-being and purpose to their life and to bring out the inner beauty within all of us.