Color & Light on the Pathways® is an incredible course that has enhanced my work with color and energy to a depth and a level that is not only felt by me, but also and especially by my clients. I gained a much greater sensitivity in my energy work with people.

D.C. Munich, Germany

This is the best course I have ever participated in, and it fulfils what I need for my practice. Many thanks!
C.O. Tokyo, Japan

The work with the Light  is indeed a real expansion in my work. Thank you so much, it’s such a gift.
K.H. Osaka, Japan

I felt the personal experience and passion of the teachers, which made learning easier.
J.B. New York, N.Y.

What a wonderful course!! These four days gave me a sense of sacredness in doing my work, that has been missing in my other color healing work. There’s also been a physiological shift in my ability to perceive things. Thank you for your attentive and loving style of teaching.
L.C. Providence, Rhode Island

I have been so deeply moved and touched. You have been a great team, it gave me so much joy and fun to be in the course.
G.K. Boston, Mass

Thanks a lot for this wonderful course. You have brought and created such a wonderful field of love and light and joy! I am very thankful to be part of all this.
F.L. Bellington, Vermont

The theory and practical were very profound; I felt my awareness and sensitivity grow.
B.N. Stuttgart, Germany

With this treatment, a lot of healing happens as well as a growth of consciousness.
K.I. Taipei, Taiwan