Course Levels

Level I

  • The language of Colour from modern day colour and Psychology  and Oriental perspectives
  • The latest scientific research concerning the
    photo-sensitivity of the skin
  • Balancing the Chakras
  • Exploring the Subtle Bodies
  • Use of aromatherapy and crystal energies on the Subtle Anatomy
  • Exploring the meridians and acupuncture points with the  Light-rays
  • Techniques of tonifying and dispersing energy
  • Yin/Yang polarity colour combinations
  • The Master Spirit points
  • The use of Light  on acupuncture points, based on the client’s colour choice
  • Stroking the Meridian pathways
  • Reconnecting with our gifts and potential through the subtle anatomy
  • Developing the art of repoire and synchronicity with a client
  • Designing a series of sessions

Level II

  • Deeper understanding of the Subtle Bodies
  • Sessions on the Subtle Anatomy
  • Five Element Energetics
  • Metaphysics of Tension Patterns
  • Ancient Oriental Geomancy: Inner Feng Shui
  • Opening the Reservoirs: Astrological correspondences on the body
  • Wisdom of Life Series: Part 1 Menopause
  • Emotional Well-Being Series: Part 1 Grief, Loss and Transition
  • The use of the Light based on the client’s selections
  • Enhancing communication between the Subtle Bodies using Essences
  • Opening to the wisdom of the Organs: Stroking the Meridian Pathways

Level III

  • Chakra sessions for couples
  • Wisdom of Life Series:
    • Trust
    • Moving through Fear with Courage
    • Inner beauty and Facials
    • Anger to Assertiveness
  • Eye Sessions
  • Ear Zones
  • The Matrix and the Chinese Hua Kua
  • Windows to the Archangels

Level IV

  • Mental clarity
  • Addictive personality type sessions
  • Moving through irritation and frustration in dealing  with change to more acceptance of the changing  nature of life
  • Shen Harmonics
  • Different stages of pregnancy
  • Early childhood sessions
  • Teenagers and the natural cycles of life
  • Energetic holding patterns/lower back and   neck/shoulder
  • Advanced Chakra session through acupuncture points
  • Spirit Path session

Level V

  • The Nine Palaces